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Yami Martinez

Yami Martinez is a Cuban artist, she was born in Trinidad, Cuba in 1974.

She graduated from the Trinidad Academy of Fine Arts as a visual artist and sculptor in 1993.


Yami in her art work represents feelings, values ​​and elements that remind us of the values of women.

Delicacy, love, happiness, elegance and family life are aspects that are in a mix with her art and identify us.

In her paintings she uses a mixed media technique on Canvas or Paper, and her sculptures are made of Metal or Papier-Mâché.


She currently works on the series “The 20’s on a bike”. She makes collages using 1920s fashion magazines that were circulating in the Cuban aristocracy in that time. She is traveling with her art work to 100 years ago. The magazines were a gift from a dear family from Trinidad who kept them for generations.


She has exhibited her art work in important galleries and art centers throughout her country and the world.

Nationally in important cities such as Trinidad, Havana, Sancti Spíritus and Camaguey.

Internationally in countries such as: Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, France, Mexico and the United States.

Her Gallery ”Yami Martinez" is located in Trinidad, Cuba.

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